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Unlike other brands that base their formulas on a dog's weight and age, Native® offers a complete line of performance dog food that meets the ever-changing energy needs of your athletic canine. Formulated by experts and proven in the field, Native® offers multiple formulas with varying levels of protein and nutrients, but all of our diets are made with a standardized ingredient profile, which allows a stress-free transition from one to another. The system allows you to choose the proper diet based on your canine's seasonal activity and eliminates the need to feed your dog more during periods of high-stress exercise. No other brand delivers what real canine athletes demand like Native® can.


Hard-working dogs require the nutrition to achieve peak performance. We have you covered with:

Concentrated Energy

Formulated to help your dog achieve maximum performance and maintain optimal body conditions even during high-stress activities.

Naturally Healthy Ingredients

Made from natural blends of menhaden fish, chicken or lamb meals. Our formulas contain no chemical additives or preservatives.

Advanced Nutrition

Fortified with prebiotics, vitamins and chelated minerals, our formulas maximize digestibility and the overall health of your canine athlete.

Premium Grains

Our diets contain no corn, wheat or soy by-products for optimal fiber levels and smaller firmer stools.


Native Dog Food: Formula 1 - Formulated for everyday exercise and elevated activity 2 to 3 days per week. Native Dog Food: Formula 2 - Formulated for elevated exercise and demanding activity 2 to 3 days per week. Native Dog Food: Formula 3 - Formulated for high-energy exercise and vigorous activity 3 to 4 days per week. Native Dog Food: Formula 3 Puppy - Formulated to provide the extra energy required for developing puppies and pregnant or lactating mothers. Native Dog Food: Formula 4 - Formulated for highly rigorous exercise and strenuous activity 4 to 5 days per week.


(Adjust according to condition of pet)

Native Dog Food Suggested Feeding Plan

* A standard 8 oz. measuring cup holds approximately 4 oz. ( ¼ lb.) of Native® Performance Dog Food.

For Puppies - Puppies may start nibbling Native® Performance Dog Food at around four to five weeks of age. You may feed it dry, but moistening may enhance acceptance. If desired, self-feeding may be started at any age after weaning. If puppies are not self feeding, but on a schedule, feed them three times per day up to six months of age and two times per day from six months to one year of age. Provide plenty of fresh water.

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